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Gay Guys Ass

Yes, ass cheek is merrily strewn about on "Entourage," as is the kind of witty banter that is neither witty nor banter, really, just idle ribbing and eye-rolling that reminds you of just how charmless and mundane these guys are, with their backward baseball caps and their shiny cars and their competitive flirting. They don't actually flirt, either, they just mention that they're with It Boy Vince. Mistaking these guys for smooth-talking Romeos is like mistaking a pilot fish for a shark. That's the punch line here, sort of -- so why does it never seem like the writers are in on the joke?

gay guys ass


It's bizarre, really, how lively and fun Ari's story lines are, when the rest of those guys are so patently dull. I like Vince just fine, and the addition of Carla Gugino as his new agent, Amanda, is fantastic -- loyal chickens will recall how adamantly I recommended the downward-spiraling series "Threshold," largely because of Gugino's appeal as a heroine. I'm even willing to admit that Drama (Kevin Dillon) is a solid, sometimes funny character, and his pathetic maneuvering is a nice counterpoint to Vince's superstar life -- although the worst episode of last season, in which Drama imagines that his massage therapist is gay, was an unmitigated disaster. But Eric (Kevin Connolly) and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) are both weak. Turtle speaks entirely in frat boy clichés, and Eric is at once bland and unlikable. These two may be realistic -- they do act exactly like the kinds of seriously dull guys that would follow their star friend around instead of getting lives of their own -- but that doesn't mean we want to spend a second of our time with them.

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I have fucked with guys on our first meeting, after talking with them over a few days or more, but never bareback until we get to know each other better. I have never been fucked raw by a complete stranger. If I wasn't afraid of catching something, I would never have anyone used a condom. I hate the things and I don't feel like I'm truly having real sex if I don't get to take his load up my ass!

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