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you deserve to make your goals a priority. 

Together, we will pursue your goals while growing your ability to:

  • ​shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset 

  • take intuitive-based action

  • reframe challenges and perspectives

  • release limiting beliefs

  • increase self-awareness

  • learn to set boundaries 

  • express and live authentically 

  • identify and overcome blindspots


business + career coaching


intuitive life coaching

Build a better business, not just a bigger business. 

What's working (and more often, what's not working) in an entrepreneur is directly reflected in their business. This is why we take a holistic and compassionate approach in coaching and focus on both.


By pairing tangible business consulting with intuitive life coaching techniques, we take both the entrepreneur and their business to their next cut of success. 

Balancing inspired-action with empowered-intuition.

Having the courage and self-love to reflect and recalibrate in pursuit of our goals is not only healthy - it's necessary. 

Through replacing your limiting beliefs with the affirmation of your limitless potential, together, we will ground and ignite you in your vision for your life. We do this in a way that is tangible, passion-driven, deliberate and heart-centered. 
You get to not only pursue your goals, but find joy in the pursuit.

get to know your coach, Jenna

Jenna's philosophy in both business and in life is to balance inspired-action with empowered-intuition. Fostering the harmony of these symbiotic energies is a primary focus in her coaching practice.

She currently sits on the leadership team of a multimillion dollar company as the Vice President of Sales. In her first year alone, she quadrupled customers on contract and doubled her team all while building a scalable infrastructure and significantly increasing the profit margin. 

Jenna is a dynamic woman who is also the host of the podcast, The Council, a professional DJ (going on 10 years!), and has traveled to over 20 countries. She is a certified life coach through Inner Glow Circle's ICF-certified coaching program.


Most importantly, Jenna's "why" in this life is to empower women through education of the self which is what drives her passion and dedication in coaching.

Follow on IG and TikTok: @jenna_stenger

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