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Turbo Squid - 3D Human Male And Female Complete Anatomy PORTABLE

For too long, anatomical models have focused on the male body. Now, Elsevier Health has brought the first complete 3D representation of the female anatomy to life. The female model provides far more insight into the workings of human anatomy and creates greater parity in our understanding of female and male bodies.

Turbo Squid - 3D Human Male and Female Complete Anatomy

Relying on the male anatomy to form the basis of our medical understanding of all people is fundamentally flawed, and yet even today, anatomy textbooks focus primarily on the male body. The female anatomy is often only considered important in terms of the reproductive organs, with diagrams showing women in the lithotomy, or childbirth, position.

Alan Delmar is a Product Manager at 3D4Medical from Elsevier. His work tends to be quite data driven, but the female anatomy project gave him the opportunity to work on something unique as part of an expert team of designers, user experience (UX) managers, artists and medical experts. He explains:

It was a daunting project to take on, but I loved the idea of making teaching anatomy more equal; highlighting the importance of having a whole female model instead of it just being broken up into different pieces.

Working on the female reproductive anatomy was certainly challenging as there is a lot of complex, highly detailed anatomy which is often quite abstract and poorly represented. It was a difficult but also fun challenge which required multiple people across different disciplines to create something of quality, clarity and accuracy.

Using.. Anatomical.. 3D.. Human.. Body.. Sung-Ho Kim and Kyung-Yong Chung Abstract ... First of all, this study separates the human body of an adult male and female into ... And these three categories are then modeled using 3DS MAX.. ... Male and Female Anatomy. -models/essentials-male- ...


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