life coaching

It's time to choose YOU and your desires because if you desire it, it was meant for you. Now let's get it to you!   

What you'll learn and practice: 

- releasing limiting beliefs

- furthering your self-awareness and ability to take action

- setting boundaries 

- expressing yourself authentically 

- identifying and overcoming your blindspots 

- reframing challenges to rise above them

All of the above will be part of the pathway that gets you to your desires.


Your Coach

Jenna Stenger is a coach who empowers her clients by asking powerful questions that help them to "lift the veil" that is in between them and their highest potential. She is the coach who will tell it like it is but deliver it with love and compassion. 

From her experience managing teams in the corporate, start-up and non-profit worlds to working daily with leadership team members at Fortune 500 companies, to being a certified Life Activation and Reiki Practioner, Jenna blends both energies to meet the needs of her client in a manner that is both practical and metaphysical. 

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