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Ls Magazine Issue 05 Supple Babies

The advice provided in this article is based on the research my colleagues Richard Wagner, Carol Rashotte, and I have been conducting on both prediction and prevention of reading disabilities (Torgesen, Wagner, & Rashotte, 1994; 1997; Wagner, et al., 1994; 1997) as well as the work of many other researchers that was reviewed in an earlier issue of this magazine (Summer, 1995). It is guided by several important assumptions and facts about reading, reading growth, and reading failure that will be discussed first. Following this description of assumptions and a brief outline of some critical dimensions of preventive instruction, I will describe a number of specific measures and procedures that should prove useful as educators seek ways to focus more intensive instruction on children whose needs are greatest.

Ls Magazine Issue 05 Supple Babies

An exciting free online magazine for children aged 7+, linked to the Alya The Pathmaker Book by Yasemin Allsop. Each issue contains a diverse wealth of science, STEM, humanities, and coding activities.


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