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Download Online Okey APK and Play Okey with Friends

Online Okey Apk: How to Play the Popular Turkish Rummy Game on Your Phone

Okey is a tile-based game that is very popular in Turkey and among Turkish communities around the world. It is a variant of rummy, played with a set of 106 tiles that are numbered from 1 to 13 in four different colors, plus two special tiles that act as jokers. Okey is a game of skill, strategy, and luck that can be played by up to four players.

If you are a fan of okey or want to learn how to play this exciting game, you can now enjoy it on your phone with online okey apk. This is an application that allows you to play okey online with your friends or other players from all over the world. You can also chat, send gifts, listen to music, and customize your avatar while playing.

online okey apk

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In this article, we will explain what okey is and how to play it, what online okey apk is and why you should try it, and how to play online okey apk with your friends and other players. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about online okey apk at the end.

What is Okey and How to Play It

Okey is a game that originated in Turkey and is derived from the French game Rummikub. It is similar to other rummy games, such as Gin Rummy or Indian Rummy, but it has some unique features that make it more challenging and fun.

The Basics of Okey

Okey is played with a set of 106 tiles that are numbered from 1 to 13 in four different colors: red, yellow, green, and black. There are two tiles of each number and color, so there are eight tiles of each number in total. In addition, there are two special tiles that have a shamrock symbol on them. These are called false jokers or indicators.

At the beginning of the game, one of the indicator tiles is randomly selected and placed face up on the table. The number and color of this tile determine what the true joker will be for that round. The true joker is the tile that has the same number as the indicator tile but in a different color. For example, if the indicator tile is a red 5, then the true joker will be any 5 tile that is not red (yellow, green, or black). The indicator tile itself can also be used as a joker.

The tiles are shuffled and arranged in 21 stacks of five tiles each. One tile is left over and placed next to the indicator tile. This tile marks where the drawing pile ends. Each player receives a rack to hold their tiles during the game. One player is chosen as the dealer and distributes the tiles to the players. The dealer gets 22 tiles, while the other players get 21 tiles each.

The Objective and Scoring of Okey

The objective of okey is to form a winning hand that consists entirely of sets and runs. A set is a group of three or four tiles of the same number but different colors. For example, a black 7, a blue 7, and a red 7 form a valid set. A run is a sequence of three or more consecutive tiles of the same color. For example, a green 4, a green 5, and a green 6 form a valid run. The tiles can be arranged in any order on the rack, but they must be grouped into sets or runs when exposed.The first player to form a winning hand and expose it on the table wins the round. The other players then reveal their tiles and calculate their scores. The score is based on the number of tiles left on the rack and the value of each tile. The number tiles have their face value, while the jokers have a value of zero. The player with the lowest score at the end of the game wins.

There are some special cases that affect the scoring of okey. If a player wins the round without drawing any tile from the pile, this is called a hand okey and the player gets a double score. If a player wins the round with a hand that consists of only sets (no runs), this is called a double okey and the player gets a quadruple score. If a player wins the round with a hand that consists of seven pairs of tiles, this is called a seven pairs okey and the player gets a quadruple score.

The Rules and Strategies of Okey

Okey is a game that requires both skill and luck. There are some rules and strategies that can help you improve your chances of winning.

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The game starts with the dealer drawing the first tile from the pile and placing it on his or her rack. Then, the player to the right of the dealer takes his or her turn. The turn proceeds clockwise around the table until someone wins or the pile runs out.

On each turn, a player must do one of two actions: draw or discard. To draw, the player can either take the top tile from the pile or take the tile that was discarded by the previous player. To discard, the player must place one tile from his or her rack face up on the table next to the pile. The discarded tile cannot be taken by the same player who discarded it.

A player can only expose his or her hand when he or she has a winning hand and has drawn a tile from the pile or taken a discarded tile. The player must then place his or her tiles on the table in groups of sets or runs, and announce "okey". The round ends and the scoring begins.

Some strategies to consider when playing okey are:

  • Try to form runs rather than sets, as they are more flexible and easier to extend.

  • Use jokers wisely, as they can substitute any tile in a set or run. However, do not rely too much on them, as they have no value when scoring.

  • Keep an eye on what tiles are discarded by other players, as they can give you clues about what they are trying to form.

  • Discard tiles that are less likely to be useful for you or other players, such as high-numbered tiles or isolated tiles.

  • Be careful not to expose your hand too early, as other players can block you by discarding tiles that you need.

What is Online Okey Apk and Why You Should Try It

If you love playing okey but do not have access to a physical set of tiles or other players, you can still enjoy this game on your phone with online okey apk. This is an application that allows you to play okey online with your friends or other players from all over the world. You can also chat, send gifts, listen to music, and customize your avatar while playing.

The Benefits of Playing Okey Online

Playing okey online has many benefits, such as:

  • You can play anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and a compatible device.

  • You can play with different people, from beginners to experts, and learn from their skills and strategies.

  • You can play for free or for real money, depending on your preference and budget.

  • You can join tournaments and competitions, and win prizes and rewards.

  • You can have fun and socialize with other players, and make new friends.

The Features and Options of Online Okey Apk

Online okey apk is an application that offers many features and options for playing okey online, such as:

  • You can choose from different game modes, such as classic okey, 101 okey, fast okey, or private okey.

  • You can choose from different game rooms, based on your level, bet amount, or language.

  • You can choose from different themes and backgrounds, such as wood, marble, leather, or fabric.

  • You can choose from different sound effects and music tracks, such as Turkish folk music, pop music, or classical music.

  • You can choose from different avatars and accessories, such as hats, glasses, masks, or badges

The Best Online Okey Apps to Download

There are many online okey apps available for download, but not all of them are reliable and user-friendly. Some of the best online okey apps that we recommend are:

App Name



Okey Plus


Okey Plus is one of the most popular and downloaded online okey apps, with over 10 million users. It offers a smooth and realistic gameplay, with various game modes, rooms, themes, and options. You can also chat, send gifts, and join clubs with other players.

Okey Elit


Okey Elit is another online okey app that has a high rating and a large user base. It has a simple and elegant design, with different game modes, rooms, themes, and options. You ca


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