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Comics Version Biag Ni Lam-ang Full Storyl

Comics Version Biag ni Lam-ang Full Story

Biag ni Lam-ang (The Life of Lam-ang) is an epic poem of the Ilocano people from the Ilocos region of the Philippines. It is one of the oldest and most popular folk epics in the country. It tells the story of Lam-ang, a brave and heroic warrior who was born with extraordinary abilities and went on to perform amazing feats. He also faced many challenges and enemies, such as the head-hunting Igorots, the giant crocodile Berkakan, and the arrogant Sumarang. He also fell in love with the beautiful Ines Kannoyan, whom he married after proving his worth to her parents. The epic also narrates how Lam-ang died and was resurrected with the help of his magical pets, a rooster and a dog.

The following is a comics version of Biag ni Lam-ang, based on the original Ilocano text and its translations. The comics version aims to make the epic more accessible and appealing to modern readers, especially young ones. It also highlights the cultural and historical aspects of the epic, such as the customs, beliefs, values, and practices of the Ilocano people. The comics version is divided into four chapters, each covering a major part of Lam-ang's life story.


Chapter 1: The Birth of Lam-ang

This chapter introduces the main character, Lam-ang, and his parents, Don Juan and Namongan. It shows how Lam-ang was born with extraordinary powers, such as speaking right after birth, choosing his own name, and declaring his intention to find his father who went to war against the Igorots. It also shows how Lam-ang grew up to be a strong and handsome young man, ready to embark on his first adventure.

Chapter 2: The Quest for the Father

This chapter narrates how Lam-ang set out to look for his father, Don Juan, who was killed by the Igorots. It shows how Lam-ang avenged his father's death by killing all the Igorots and taking their heads as trophies. It also shows how Lam-ang met his future wife, Ines Kannoyan, in a dream and decided to woo her. It also shows how Lam-ang returned to his home in Nalbuan with his father's bones and gave them a proper burial.

Chapter 3: The Quest for the Wife

This chapter tells how Lam-ang pursued his love for Ines Kannoyan, the daughter of wealthy landowners in Kalanutian. It shows how Lam-ang impressed Ines and her parents with his wealth, wisdom, and courage. It also shows how Lam-ang faced two rivals for Ines' hand: Sumarang, a conceited man who challenged Lam-ang to a duel; and Saridandan, a monstrous eel that guarded Ines' house. It also shows how Lam-ang and Ines got married in a lavish ceremony attended by many guests.

Chapter 4: The Death and Resurrection of Lam-ang

This chapter recounts how Lam-ang met his death and came back to life. It shows how Lam-ang went to bathe in the Amburayan river after his wedding, but was devoured by a huge crocodile named Berkakan. It also shows how Ines mourned for her husband and asked for his bones to be retrieved from the river. It also shows how Lam-ang's rooster and dog helped revive him by crowing and barking over his bones. It also shows how Lam-ang and Ines lived happily ever after.

The comics version of Biag ni Lam-ang is a creative adaptation of the original epic poem that aims to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of the Ilocano people. It also hopes to inspire and entertain readers of all ages with the amazing adventures and exploits of Lam-ang, the legendary hero of the Ilocos.


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